Thousands march in Berlin for annual Luxmeburg-Liebknecht demo

Security forces arrested dozens of pro-Palestine activists who marched in the Luxmeburg-Liebknecht demonstration in Berlin on January 14. The annual demonstration commemorates the martyrdom of communist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

Blanca Eekhout: Venezuela y la construcción de democracia bajo asedio

La Revolución Bolivariana, en sus 24 años de existencia ha construido una nueva forma de construcción popular y democrática, todo bajo ataques constantes del imperio.

Blanca Eekhout: Venezuela’s experience of building democracy under siege

The Bolivarian Revolution, in its 24 years of existence, has built a new form of popular and democratic construction, all the while resisting constant attacks by the empire

The Palestinian cause is a banner for all of humanity

To celebrate the recent release of a new English translation of Ghassan Kanafani’s essential work, The 1936–1939 Revolution in Palestine, leftist publisher 1804 Books shares an excerpt from the introduction.

People’s movements set to converge in Johannesburg for dialogues on socialism in Dilemmas of Humanity Conference

The III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference, organized by the International Peoples’ Assembly, is scheduled to be held in October this year, to “confront the crises of humanity” and highlight the solutions that movements, governments, and working people are building together to overcome the system

Port workers in Italy demand wage hike, safer jobs, and an end to fueling the war in Ukraine

Port workers, along with trade unionists from other sectors, have been resisting the transfer of arms and ammunition destined for imperialist wars through Italian ports and airstrips

Anti-imperialist Protest - Greece Anti-imperialists protest docking of US warship at Greek port

Communists have been at the forefront of the anti-imperialist struggle against the Greece’s involvement in NATO-led maneuvers in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe

Kyeretwie Opoku: ‘We must unite our continent’

In his opening address at the West African People For A New World conference in Ghana, Opoku discussed the necessity of building working class unity in the region

Free Kononovichs - WFDY Anti-imperialist youth intensify campaign to free Kononovich brothers

Following the onset of the war, the Ukrainian government had arrested and imprisoned two communist youth leaders, Aleksander Kononovich and his brother Mikhail Kononovich, accusing them of having pro-Russian and pro-Belarusian political views

Athens Polytechnic Uprising Massive anti-imperialist rallies in Greece commemorate Athens Polytechnic uprising of 1973

A students’ strike that started in Athens Polytechnic on November 14, 1973, escalated to an open revolt against the US-backed Greek military junta and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17 following a series of events that started with a tank crashing through the gates of the Polytechnic building

Democratic Labor Party Morocco Democratic Way announces formation of a new workers’ Party in Morocco

The new Workers’ Democratic Way Party will be based on the idea of Marxism-Leninism with a program for greater working class and regional unity against exploitative, regressive and imperialist forces

Cuba describes easing of US sanctions as “a limited step in the right direction”

US President Joe Biden has finally announced the easing of some of the 243 sanctions imposed on Cuba by former President Trump