Argentina 2023 elections
Argentina’s far-right libertarian president warns in Davos, “the West is in danger”

The Argentine president also said that “socialism is an impoverishing model that failed”, blamed the economic crisis on “radical feminism” and denied climate change.

Milei declares war on Argentine working class with presidential decree

Milei pushed forward more than 11 labor laws and modified 20 aspects of the Labor Contract Law. It will now be cheaper to fire, protests are restricted if not banned, and precariousness will be the order of the day.

Far-right libertarian Javier Milei is the next president of Argentina

Milei won a resounding victory with an over 10 point margin over the center-left peronist candidate Sergio Massa

Gap narrows between Milei and Massa ahead of Argentine presidential race

Poll results show a close race between the two candidates, many show a tie. Massa emphasizes economic recovery and Milei calls for ballot box control

Elecciones en Argentina: una lectura desde la clase trabajadora

Los resultados del 22 de octubre podrían reflejar un rechazo popular a la propuesta de Javier Milei de “quitar derechos”

Sergio Massa pulls ahead in first-round presidential election in Argentina, will face Javier Milei in runoff

Union for the Homeland candidate Sergio Massa overtakes far-right libertarian Javier Milei in the first round of presidential election in Argentina

Argentina’s presidential frontrunner Milei denies number of disappeared from dictatorship

Human rights organizations in the country unanimously estimate the number of disappeared at 30,000, which Milei classified as “a twisted view of history”

Far-right libertarian Javier Milei receives largest vote share in Argentina’s primaries

Milei’s performance came as a surprise to many who had underestimated the chances of the candidate who proposes the dollarization of Argentina

Argentina heads for presidential primaries in the wake of tragedies

Days ahead of the presidential primaries, Argentina was shaken by the murders of 11-year-old Morena Domínguez during a robbery and photojournalist Facundo Morales by the Buenos Aires police

Can a movement leader solve Argentina’s problems?

Social leader Juan Grabois is contesting the candidacy for the center-left Union for the Homeland coalition in the upcoming primaries in Argentina

House raid Milagro Sala Police in Jujuy raid home of Indigenous activist Milagro Sala amid mass protests

The search warrant was issued as part of an investigation into alleged public disturbances in recent days during the protests rejecting the reforms to the provincial Constitution. The reforms promoted by conservative Governor Gerardo Morales have been widely rejected in the province

Argentina elections Who are the candidates in Argentina’s primary elections?

On August 13, Argentines will select the candidates who will stand in the October presidential elections