Armed conflict
UNSG agenda for peace UN proposes elimination of all nuclear weapons as first step under new agenda for peace

Rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions across the globe need a better, reformed, and updated UN system which reflects the growing multipolarity and is more representative, unbiased, and effective

Congo health workers Violence against health workers in the DRC continues

The escalating armed conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is exacerbating the humanitarian and health situation in the region

Health crises in fragile states need urgent attention

While the world remains focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic of conflict continues to undermine the health of billions of people around the globe

Dr. Gino Strada - Italy Adieu! Dr. Gino Strada: the partisan of humanity

Dr. Gino Strada and his medical humanitarian organization, EMERGENCY, were and remain a beacon of hope and relief for millions of people in several war-torn countries and conflict zones across the world

Targeting of activists continues in Colombia

Two murders over the Easter weekend highlight the danger human rights defenders are in despite the ongoing peace process