Over 2 million join human chain in Kerala against BJP-led national government’s apathy

The human chain was organized by the Democratic Youth Federation of India. The national government has been accused of discriminating against Left-led State of Kerala , while also putting up administrative hurdles to its developmental programs

European trade unions march in Brussels to protest the EU-imposed austerity

The protests took place in the context of the likely enforcement of the European Union’s (EU) Stability and Growth Pact which will lead to combined cuts worth EUR 45 billion from the budgets of 14 member states

Greek health workers intensify protests for pay hike, more staff

Workers are demanding a significant pay rise to compensate for cuts in their real wages, made as part of structural adjustments as dictated by the European Troika

Privatization or cuts to pensions? What’s next for Argentina with Milei

Milei anticipated that there will be a very hard six months in the country, but did not explain which sectors of society will be most affected. Is the public sector the only thing that the government is going to cut?

IMF pushes world’s poorest countries into “starvation diet” as debt burdens spiral

As the IMF and World Bank commence their annual meetings, an Oxfam report shows how their failed policies of austerity will force the world’s poorest countries to cut USD 229 billion in public spending while hemorrhaging billions in debt payments.

Ghana witnesses fresh protests against rising cost of living

People took to the streets of Accra for a three-day action under the slogan #OccupyJulorbiHouse to protest the rising cost of living and worsening economic conditions. Ghana is facing a severe debt crisis and has entered into its 17th loan program with the IMF, raising fears of further austerity measures 

RAAC crisis - UK Decades of austerity leave school and hospital buildings crumbling in the UK

The Department for Education ordered over a hundred schools to be fully or partially closed due to the imminent danger of collapse of roofs, ceilings and other parts of the buildings where reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) has been used 

Widespread outrage in Greece over government handling of floods, wildfire

Around 5,000 people have been evacuated from the flood-ravaged parts of Thessaly and around 73,000 hectares of farmland have been ravaged. The Greek Left has criticized the austerity policies of the government for eroding the systemic ability of the country to respond to such crises

27-07 Greek fires Deadly fires a new normal in the Greek calendar

The latest round of wildfires has exposed the Greek government’s lack of preparedness in dealing with disasters. Extreme climate events have been occurring frequently in many parts of Europe due to climate change

Activists in Ghana march to the parliament demanding tax-free periods

The activists have vowed to return to the streets if taxes on menstrual hygiene products are not removed.

Ghana Don't tax my periods Ghanaian activists reject high taxes on menstrual products in struggle to “bleed with dignity”

On June 22, Ghanaian activists will take to the streets for the “Don’t Tax My Period” march which is being organized by the women’s wing of the Socialist Movement of Ghana and allied organizations. The mobilization takes place as anger builds over the heavy taxation of menstrual hygiene products.

Entre la crisis del sector público y las restricciones a la inmigración, los trabajadores sanitarios de Zimbabue tienen pocas opciones

Zimbabue ha anunciado planes para penalizar la contratación en el extranjero de sus trabajadores sanitarios. Más de 4.000 trabajadores sanitarios han abandonado el país desde 2021, mientras el sistema de salud pública sigue enfrentándose a problemas de bajos salarios y falta de infraestructuras.