Bharatiya Janata Party

No matter how successful the right may be in the short-run in mobilizing people around a divisive agenda, it is incapable of leading them out of the current economic crisis. It is only the left that can provide a way out.

CPIM Tripura office vandalised

With the announcement of election results, various reports of BJP members inciting violence against minority groups and members of left parties have come to light.

Kavita krishnan cpi ml india

Interview with Kavita Krishnan, Politburo member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, to talk about various issues that are at the heart of the Indian elections

Widespread rigging and intimidation of voters was reported in the States of West Bengal and Tripura where the left is a strong force

The groups demanded that the Election Commission prevent the misuse of social media and digital platforms, and make public information regarding election spending by political parties

The manifesto lists the specific demands made by the manual scavengers to break the shackles of caste, patriarchy, and for the recovery, reconstruction, and reclamation of their fundamental right to live with dignity.

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