Is Biden really against Israel’s invasion of Rafah?

Biden claims to urge Netanyahu against Rafah invasion, but unconditional support for Israel continues

Tiktok ban signed into law

Funding package signed by Biden that will ban Tiktok and provide USD 95 billion to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

Con la brutal guerra contra Gaza se acaba el proceso de “normalización” con Israel

El proceso de normalización de las relaciones entre los países árabes e Israel liderado por Estados Unidos se ha estancado por completo debido a la guerra genocida de Israel en Gaza.

The state of the US war industry under Joe Biden

The US defense budget is a good sign of the fact that while Joe Biden may lack his predecessor Donald Trump’s penchant for hyperbole, the two administrations so far have been pretty similar on many counts

Biden’s first year: Did anything fundamentally change?

Responding to pressure from people’s movements, Biden set lofty goals for his administration. How many of these promises has the administration fulfilled?

Bolsonaro faces senate inquiry as pandemic worsens in Brazil and other stories

Today we look at a Senate inquiry into Brazil’s Covid response, protest actions by port workers and drivers in the US,the Biden administration’s approval of a weapons deal with the UAE, and civilian killings by Eritrean troops in Tigray

Joe Biden should shake hands with Nicolás Maduro

Despite the relentless aggression by the US against Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro congratulated Joe Biden on his election and expressed the hope that talks would resume. It might be a good idea for Biden to take up that offer