Boris Yeltsin
G7 or failed colonial powers telling the world what to do

G7 are a bunch of western countries—the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada—who believe that they have the “civilizational” mandate to tell the world how it should be run

Putin reforms Criticism swells in Russia against Putin’s constitutional reforms

President Vladimir Putin’s call for constitutional reforms on January 15 has substantially unsettled politics and governance in the country. The final proposal has been opposed by various progressive sections of society

Russia healthcare Residents of Volgorechensk in Russia demand better healthcare

Accusing that only 8.9% of the country’s budget is allocated to the health sector, the protesting residents demanded more funds for healthcare

Russians commemorate victims of anti-Yeltsin protests of 1993 Russians commemorate victims of anti-Yeltsin protests of 1993

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Left Front organized protests in several cities in memory of the 187 people who died when Boris Yeltsin ordered the military to fire on pro-parliament protesters