Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and foreign minister confirmed dead in helicopter crash

The president and foreign minister both championed the creation a multipolar world order and pushed for concrete solidarity with countries facing repeated imperialist onslaught

Argentine diplomats expelled from Colombia following explosive comments by Milei

In an interview with CNN, the Argentine president called Petro a “terrorist assassin”, Mexican President López Obrador “ignorant”, and declared that Israel was not committing “any excesses” in Gaza

Five new countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, formally join BRICS

Members of the expanded BRICS bloc have declared to work for multilateral regimes and multipolarity against the attempts to create hegemony and dominance in the world politics

Dedollarization: 95% of trade between China and Russia is no longer done in US currency

Russia and China exceeded their transaction target for trade of USD 200 billion before the end of the year

Putin visits UAE and Saudi Arabia to build closer cooperation

In an attempt to strengthen bilateral relations in West Asia, Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Saudi Arabia and the UAE on December 6.

BRICS leaders condemn Israeli war crimes in Gaza, call for end of hostilities

A delegation of Arab-Islamic countries also met Chinese and Russian foreign ministers earlier this week in order to push for an end of of Israeli violence against Palestinians and lasting peace in the region

Naledi Pandor: “The most progressive thing to do is unite and [take] action”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa spoke in the first day of the III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference and called for progressive organizations to unite and intensify international solidarity

De la dominación occidental a la desdolarización: una ruta peligrosa

La mayoría de los países del Sur Global se encuentran en un punto intermedio entre sufrimiento económico, peligros y decisiones difíciles. Liberarse del poder occidental será doloroso, pero ya no parece imposible

The perilous path from Western domination to De-dollarization

Most countries in the Global South are in the in-between of economic suffering, perils, and difficult decisions. Extricating themselves from Western power will be painful, but no longer appears impossible

UNGA summit 2023 At UN General Assembly session, Global South leaders call for urgent reforms in multilateral institutions 

Reforms in multilateral institutions, both political and financial, must reflect the need of the changing world which is multipolar and against hegemonic practices, leaders from the Global South said at the UN General Assembly said

IMEC India-Middle East–Europe economic corridor is a geopolitical pipe dream

The bottom line is how the IMEC idea on paper can be turned into reality. Quite obviously, the IMEC is anchored on the old US geopolitical strategy of divide-and-rule in the Middle East. But the Western domination of the Middle East cannot be revived with the colonial era toolbox in the coming era of multipolarity

Venezuela and China strengthen ties on Maduro’s first visit in five years

The Global South socialist nations vowed to work to build multilateralism and support each other’s national development