Cambridge Analytica
team jorge com Team Jorge: The Israeli contractors behind disinformation and election interference

A consortium of news outlets has exposed a group based in Israel claiming to have manipulated 33 elections worldwide and manufactured online disinformation campaigns at the behest of intelligence agencies, political campaigns, and private corporations

Tech for democracy in the brave new digital world

If we can choke off the funds that can be spent on buying ads on digital platforms such as Google and Facebook, we would then have some amount of control on our elections

Facebook UK digital committee report slams Facebook

The report states that the social media company has repeatedly breached privacy and competition laws, and also directs the parliament to impose statutory regulations on social media platforms

NBC’s ‘expose’ of Russian interference in Gabbard’s candidature falls flat

The NBC report that alleged Russian backing for Tulsi Gabbard was called into question after it was revealed that the channel’s source was a cybersecurity firm that had created fake Russian bots in the past