Censored Palestinian artist on the art of the working class

Palestinian artist Samia Halaby spoke to Peoples Dispatch about censorship, abstract art, the genocide in Gaza and more

Censorship of pro-Palestine content on social media continues

The bias and censorship by social media platforms limits Israeli accountability for its crimes in Palestine and feeds into the dehumanization of Palestinians

“Silence is not an option”: celebrities speak out against genocide

Hollywood actors and celebrities have been shunned and suppressed for expressing solidarity with Palestinians

The German state’s crackdown on solidarity with Palestine

Samidoun is an international organization, working for the cause of Palestinian prisoners. On the 2nd of November, Samidoun was banned by the Ministry of Interior in Germany.

Las provocaciones del Departamento de Estado estadounidense pueden coartar la libertad de prensa en América Latina

El 3 de mayo de 2023, el Comité de Relaciones Exteriores de Estados Unidos celebró una audiencia sobre “Las guerras globales de información: ¿Estados Unidos está ganando o perdiendo?”

Alemania prohíbe el duelo público y la solidaridad con Palestina

La criminalización de la solidaridad con Palestina en Alemania ha adquirido dimensiones totalmente nuevas desde el 7 de octubre

Germany bans public grieving and solidarity with Palestine

Germany’s criminalization of solidarity with Palestine has taken on entirely new dimensions since October 7

Bassem Trifi: The struggle for human rights is essential for liberation

The President of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights highlights the centrality of the fight for human rights to liberation in the Arab and Maghreb region

Books are not a crime! Solidarity with Toko Buku Rakyat in Malaysia

The International Union of Left Publishers expresses solidarity with the Toko Buku Rakyat bookstore that suffered a raid by officers looking for “The Communist Manifesto”

Law Student in NYC faces backlash and censorship after speaking out against Israeli crimes

The slandering of graduate student Fatima Mohammed is only the latest iteration of free speech attacks against advocates for Palestine

Renowned poet Nancy Morejón uninvited from festival in latest anti-Cuba attack

A prestigious poetry festival in Paris canceled the designation of honorary president to renowned Cuban poet Nancy Morejón

International Communication Conference of the Global South Media organizations from Global South discuss solidarity and standing up to sanctions

At an event in Shanghai, representatives of media organizations from Asia, Africa, and Latin America highlighted the need for learning from and working with each other and building infrastructure to resist western hegemony