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Who is Bassirou Diomaye Faye, Senegal’s new President?

44-year-old Faye won the March 24 election with 54.2% of the vote, according to the official provisional results from the National Voting Census Commission. He has promised to restore the republic’s institutions, renegotiate mining and energy contracts, and work towards monetary reform, including potentially a new currency

ECOWAS lifts sanctions on Niger weeks after Sahel states announce withdrawal from bloc

The West African bloc has lifted a majority of the sweeping sanctions it had imposed on Niger, including border closures and a freezing of state assets. The move followed soon after Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso declared their withdrawal from ECOWAS after forming the Alliance of Sahel States

Political crisis in Guinea-Bissau deepens as president dissolves parliament, dismisses government

On December 4, President Umaro Sissoco Embalo dissolved the National People’s Assembly citing an alleged coup attempt. The move followed just months after a coalition led by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC) won a decisive majority in the elections

ECOWAS to hold talks with Niger as Sahel states move to expand ties

The West African regional bloc has decided to negotiate with Niamey for a “short transition roadmap” that can potentially lift sweeping economic sanctions. Meanwhile, Niger, along with Mali and Burkina Faso, is strengthening regional integration

Niger and the Sahel are pushing back against insecurity, exploitation, and France

We take a look at the developments in Niger and the Sahel region a month after the coup that overthrew President Mohamed Bazoum. The developments in Niger are reflective of a larger trend which has mounted a resistance to insecurity, exploitation, and French presence

Senegal protests As Senegal organizes troops to invade Niger, violence mars ‘constitutional order’ within its own borders

Senegalese opposition figure Ousmane Sonko has been on hunger strike for over two weeks against his indictment on new charges. Widely considered the main opposition contender for the 2024 elections, Sonko’s arrest has sparked deadly protests amid anti-government and anti-French anger

Senegal violence A deadly fight: Senegal’s political crisis escalates after repression of protesters

At least 16 people were killed after protests broke out in Senegal following the sentencing of leading opposition figure Ousmane Sonko to two years in prison. Mass public unrest has grown against President Macky Sall and the continued neo-colonial exploitation of the country by France

Is Russia really the reason why Mali continues to push France away?

A new burst of anti-colonial feeling has swept through France’s former colonies, where the debates are now centered around breaking with its stranglehold on their economies and ending the military intervention by its troops