Ciro Gomes
Datafolha poll indicates Lula could win 50% of valid votes on Sunday for a first-round victory

Lula has 50% of the valid votes and can win in the first round; Bolsonaro has 36%; Ciro Gomes dropped one point and has 6%

Latest Ipec poll shows increased support for Lula

Former president appears four points above the sum of the other candidates and can win in the first round

Latest poll shows increase for Lula and possibility of first round victory

The former president polled 47% in voting intentions while all other candidates together reach 44%.

Brazil is bracing for a right-wing insurrection far worse than the 2021 US Capitol attack

Post-2020 US elections, right-wing groups stormed the Capitol. As we approach the 2022 elections, Brazil is bracing for something worse.