Climate action
2022 was the year climate change was front and center but our response lagged

What did 2022 tell us about climate change? Are our responses good enough? What does the future hold? D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum addresses some of these questions

Climate change and urban transport in India

Are electric vehicles a lasting solution to climate change? Professor Geetam Tiwari speaks on urban transport policy in India and debunks the myth of low carbon transport alone being efficient in terms of climate solutions.

The global climate crisis: Are movements stepping up?

Nagraj Adve discusses the new breed of climate activism represented by Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion, and whether we see an incipient climate movement in India.

In Pictures: 4 million participate worldwide in Climate Strike

The massive participation in the Climate Strike in the developed is an indication of climate change becoming a mass issue, even as concerns over the movement and demands linger

Heathrow Pause 19 activists arrested in struggle against UK’s largest polluter

At least 19 activists have been arrested for opposing expansion plans of UK’s largest polluter, the Heathrow polluter in London.