Collective Punishment of Palestinians
El salvajismo de la guerra contra el pueblo palestino

La violencia brutal y puntual de Israel contra el pueblo palestino en Gaza durante la última década viola todas las convenciones internacionales sobre guerra y derechos humanos.

The savagery of the war against the Palestinian people

Israel’s brutal and punctual violence against the Palestinian people in Gaza over the last decade, is in violation of all international conventions on war and human rights

Thousands face hunger as Greece limits assistance to refugee camps and other stories

Today we look at rising hunger in refugee camps in Greece, the case against Guatemalan paramilitaries for sexual violence against Indigenous women, and more

Recaptured Palestinian prisoner Zakaria Zubeidi admitted to hospital

Zubeidi, one of the six Palestinians who escaped Gilboa’s high-security Israeli prison last week and along with three others, was recaptured on Friday and Saturday. He was allegedly beaten and tortured by the Israeli security forces after being recaptured

Israel uses the Gaza fishing zone as a tool for collective punishment against Palestinians

Israel often blocks the fishing zone, driving thousands of Palestinians dependent on it for their livelihood and food using the pretexts of rocket attacks