Colorado Party
Santiago Peña sworn in as president of Paraguay amid protests

As the conservative economist Peña took office, hundreds of citizens took to the streets to reject the neoliberal economic policies promoted and implemented by the Colorado Party during the past eight decades of its government

Paraguay elections Santiago Peña wins presidential elections in Paraguay, keeps right-wing party in power

Peña’s victory means that the Colorado Party will continue to govern Paraguay, which has been in power for almost eight decades and is tainted with graft allegations

Paraguay: Elections that will decide between continuity or change

Presidential and parliamentary elections are set to be held in Paraguay on April 30. The ruling Colorado Party is facing a stiff challenge from an opposition alliance called the Coalition for a New Paraguay

Mass protests in Paraguay demand the resignation of President Mario Abdo Benítez

Protesters expressed that the president has had an inadequate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has intensified repressive actions in the past months

Uruguayan runoff election results too close to call

The difference of votes between the left-wing candidate Daniel Martínez and the right-wing candidate Luis Lacalle Pou is just over 1%