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PM Modi consecrates controversial Ram temple in Ayodhya, declares “new era” for India

32 years after the Babri mosque was demolished by Hindu right-wing mobs, a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Ram, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 22

Over 2 million join human chain in Kerala against BJP-led national government’s apathy

The human chain was organized by the Democratic Youth Federation of India. The national government has been accused of discriminating against Left-led State of Kerala , while also putting up administrative hurdles to its developmental programs

Protests break out across India against BJP government’s inaction in Manipur State

Protests have broken out across India against the failure of the BJP governments at the Center and the State of Manipur to provide justice to those affected by the horrific religious and ethnic violence

Manipur violence India “79 days too late”: Outrage across India as video of sexual assault exposes violence in Manipur

The northeastern State of Manipur in India has seen horrific ethnic and religious violence for nearly three months. The opposition alleges that the central and the Manipur State government led by the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have failed to uphold law and order in the State by deliberate inaction  

People’s movements set to converge in Johannesburg for dialogues on socialism in Dilemmas of Humanity Conference

The III International Dilemmas of Humanity Conference, organized by the International Peoples’ Assembly, is scheduled to be held in October this year, to “confront the crises of humanity” and highlight the solutions that movements, governments, and working people are building together to overcome the system

Horrific crash that killed 275 people exposes structural issues in Indian Railways

As investigations continue into the railway accident in Balasore in the Indian State of Odisha, the failure to address staffing and safety has been widely condemned. Over 300,000 posts remain vacant in the Indian Railways

India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party suffers blow in Karnataka State elections

The opposition Indian National Congress (INC) won a decisive victory in the southern State of Karnataka defeating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP in a keenly-watched election

Red Books Day celebrated around the world as people cry, “Workers of the world unite!”

February 21 marks the 174th anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, one of the most widely read books in human history

Tens of thousands observe 6 months of farmers’ protests in India

Six months into the historic farmers’ agitation in India, organizations have reiterated that they will not back down until three contentious farms laws introduced by the Narendra Modi government are revoked.

Across India, protesters mark six months of historic farmers’ agitation

Across India, members of farmers’ groups, trade unions and women’s and students’ organizations held aloft black protest flags and burnt copies of the three controversial farm laws which have been fiercely opposed

Why one State in India is showing promising signs of democracy as the world goes more authoritarian

In Kerala, the re-elected Left government has prioritized making life better for all, even during crises—contrasting sharply with Narendra Modi’s right-wing central government’s devastating mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic

Dispatches from India: The impact of State elections

We take a look at the results of the recent round of elections in India, a report on the impact of successive lockdowns on the LGBTQ and trans communities in Jammu and Kashmir, and look at the implications of Bill Gates’ recent statement on intellectual property rights and vaccines