Tanzanian farmers are paying for “conservation” with their land and lives

For over 15 years, small farmers and pastoralists in Tanzania’s Mbarali have been facing threats of eviction, criminalization and violent attacks by the state to expand the Ruaha National Park

30% of Species threatened or extinct globally since 1500

A study from Minnesota University has shown that global biodiversity loss may be greater than thought previously. This will also adversely affect the functioning of ecosystems

44% of Earth’s land requires conservation for protection of biodiversity and ecosystem, say scientists

The study is vitally important as governments around the world begin to set their goals and targets for biodiversity conservation, which experts think would form the agenda for the next decade

How landscapes shape species: Grizzly bears’ DNA aligns with indigenous language families

Can genetic distinctions among bear populations be related to language differences among human populations co-existing in a region? New research says yes