Bribery charges to be filed against former Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno

In addition to Moreno, his wife, one of their daughters, as well as two brothers and two sisters-in-law are among those investigated in the Sinohydro case, formerly known as the INA Papers case

Andrés Arauz and the progressive bloc are a threat to Ecuador’s right wing

David Adler of the Progressive International who was observing the Ecuadorian elections discusses the recent fraud accusations as well as the right-wing’s dirty campaign against Andrés Arauz

Rafael Correa makes another attempt to overcome suppression of his political rights

Wednesday September 2 is the last day for the candidates elected in the primary elections to formalize their participation in the 2021 general elections in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Electoral Dispute Court reverses the suspension of Rafael Correa’s party

Ex-president Rafael Correa and members of his political alliance celebrated the decision, though roadblocks to political participation remain