coup d’etat
Federal Police investigate Bolsonaro and allies for January 8 coup attempt

Investigations point out that digital groups were formed to spread misinformation about election fraud

Dina-Boluarte-resign One year since the coup in Peru

Following the coup against Pedro Castillo, the people of Peru took to the streets en masse to demand his restitution and the resignation of Boluarte

Peru’s lonely road on Boluarte’s shoulders: what’s next for the Pacific Alliance?

“The de facto president is only sustained by the support of the US. I dare say that Peru has never been so alone,” writes Maria Fe Celi Reyna

Continuing Chávez’s legacy means dismantling Monroe Doctrine politics

For every Monroe Doctrine intervention, there will be an April 13th rebellion for sovereignty and dignity.

Coup attempt in Brazil condemned by leaders from across the globe

The violent attacks against Brazilian public institutions by supporters of former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro have been widely condemned by political leaders and organizations from across the world

Bolsonaristas launch attacks on public infrastructure in Brasilia

Protesters set fire to cars, buses and wreaked havoc in the city center following the arrest of a Bolsonarista leader

From invading Iraq to Guaidó’s flop: the CV of coup-plotter John Bolton

In a recent interview with CNN, former US National Security Advisor John Bolton affirmed his role in coups abroad. The hardliner was an architect of the invasion of Iraq, and most recently, played a role in the attempted coup against Venezuelan President Maduro.

Brazilian representatives ask Bolsonaro to clarify his participation in Bolivian coup

Brazilian deputies requested access to records and files which may indicate collaboration between Bolsonaro and Añez at the time of the coup