COVID-19 in South Korea
Health workers in South Korea announce new actions in 2024

The Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union secures government support of public COVID-19 hospitals as plans to expand health workforce continue

“We Are Chun Tae-il!”: the South Korean workers struggle continues

Steven Lee of the International Strategy Center reflects on the historic day of workers’ struggle in South Korea on November 13

South Korean auto workers set to intensify strike action

Automotive workers of Kia Motors Corp in South Korea are set to hold partial strikes till Thursday and a six-hour walkout on Friday. They have been protesting for over a month demanding better wages and working conditions

South Korea elections 2020 Liberal-Progressive alliance wins by a landslide in South Korean parliamentary polls

The massive victory of the coalition backing incumbent president Moon Jae-in is being viewed as a verdict on the government’s efforts to contain and deal with the COVID-19 outbreak in the country