Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)
Far-right rises to power in coalition government in Croatia

The formation of a new government in Croatia by center-right and far-right parties is sparking concerns about media freedom, the rights of ethnic minorities, and the potential sell-off of public resources

Croatian Democratic Union secures most mandates in parliamentary elections

The Croatian Democratic Union secured the most mandates in the parliamentary elections on April 17, outpacing center and green options. The results of the election suggest a likely shift to the right

Thousands hits the streets in Zagreb in a massive anti-government protest

Croatians mobilized against the appointment of a state attorney who has been accused of communicating with people involved in scandals and fraud. The opposition has also demanded the dissolution of parliament and fresh elections

local elections-Croatia Conservatives dominate Croatian local polls, green-left coalition takes lead in capital Zagreb

In Croatian capital Zagreb, Tomislav Tomasevic, leader of Mozemo! (We can!) from the green-left coalition, secured 45.15% votes and will take on Miroslav Skoro (12.6% votes) from the right-wing Homeland Movement in the second round

Croatia parliamentary election results Croatia’s ruling HDZ wins parliamentary elections amid lowest ever voter turnout

Prime minister Andrej Plenkovic’s current term was due to end in October. However, he chose to call for early elections riding on the popularity over his handling of the early phase of COVID-19 outbreak