Cuba solidarity
Cuban President exchanges with US revolutionaries on UNGA visit

Amid UN General Assembly week, Díaz-Canel addresses people in the United States fighting for an end to the US blockade against Cuba and for removing Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

Socialist “movement incubator” celebrates five year anniversary in the heart of NYC

The People’s Forum commemorates five years of building the socialist movement in the United States and internationally

People’s movements across the world say: Cuba is not a state sponsor of terror!

Movement organizations collect signatures for the “Let Cuba Live” campaign to demand that Cuba be removed from the US state sponsors of terrorism list

Activists call on Biden to take Cuba off “sponsors of terrorism” list

Peoples Dispatch reports directly from the June 25 action in Washington DC where activists also demanded Biden lift the blockade against Cuba

US Cuba solidarity activists arrested after trying to meet with Senator Bob Menendez, Sanctioner-in-Chief

Menendez spearheads policies that bring death and destruction to the people of Cuba and Venezuela. Activists were arrested for peacefully demanding he lift these policies

Young leaders from the US pledge to fight blockade of Cuba

Hear from some of the 150 young organizers from the US that traveled to Cuba as part of the 2023 May Day Brigade with the International Peoples’ Assembly

More US activists face harassment from authorities upon return from Cuba

Days after members of a youth delegation were detained when returning to the US from Cuba, another batch of activists who were also on the island as part of the May Day Brigade, faced similar harassment

Members of youth delegation to Cuba detained on return to US

150 young leaders from the United States took part in a 10-day delegation to Cuba to exchange and learn from the Cuban people. On their return, many of them were detained at US airports and their devices were searched

Chomsky y Prashad: Cuba no es un Estado patrocinador del terrorismo

La inclusión de Cuba en la lista de Estados patrocinadores del terrorismo de Estados Unidos ha restringido aún más su capacidad para adquirir bienes esenciales para su población.

Chomsky and Prashad: Cuba is not a state sponsor of terrorism

The inclusion of Cuba on the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list has further restricted its ability to purchase essential goods for its population

Daily Round-up | Illegal US blockade of Cuba denounced at UN & other stories

In today’s episode, we bring you stories of the UNGA vote on Cuba, protests in Spain on the cost of living crisis, the killing of four Palestinians by Israel, and rights groups urging Qatar and FIFA to compensate migrant workers

The world condemns the US blockade against Cuba

185 countries voted to lift the cruel 60-year blockade that has deprived the Cuban people of more than $1 trillion according to some calculations