Dock workers’ protest
Port workers in Italy demand wage hike, safer jobs, and an end to fueling the war in Ukraine

Port workers, along with trade unionists from other sectors, have been resisting the transfer of arms and ammunition destined for imperialist wars through Italian ports and airstrips

1951 New Zealand waterfront strike 1951 New Zealand waterfront strike

The National government, led by Sidney Holland, in an attempt to break the strike, implemented harsh measures including censoring the press from reporting on the strike and making it illegal to provide food and money to the striking workers and their families

Portugal dockers Portuguese dock workers protest violation of collective bargaining agreement

The union of dock workers has given an ultimatum to the Setúbal port authorities to review the recent hiring of an external worker, in violation of the collective labor contract signed with the dockers

Dock workers' protest in Italy Italian port workers go on strike against Saudi arms shipment

The ship also met with protests on May 9 at the Le Havre port in France, where it was prevented from loading a planned arms shipment by humanitarian groups.