Donald Trump
El “sancionador en jefe” Bob Menendez, acusado de corrupción

Piden a Bob Menendez, que encabeza el brutal régimen de sanciones de Estados Unidos contra varias naciones soberanas, que renuncie después de que se presentaran cargos de corrupción contra él

US sanctions waiver Iran Blnken US waives sanctions to allow transfer of Iranian assets from South Korea

With the waiver, banks in Europe (Switzerland, Ireland, and Germany) will be able to convert the money received from South Korea and transfer it to a bank in Qatar without being subjected to US sanctions. The money will be kept in Qatar for use by Iran to buy non-sanctioned goods from the international market

Saudi Arabia and Iran take next step in re-establishing ties, exchange ambassadors

The Saudi and Iranian embassies had already resumed operations over the previous months. The developments are a result of an agreement in March which was brokered with Chinese mediation

JetBlue suspends all flights to Cuba

JetBlue, which became the first US airline in 50 years to fly direct to Cuba in 2016, is suspending all flights to the island due to “changes to the regulatory landscape”

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki Palestinian Foreign Minister calls Biden administration weak, hopes China will help with two-state solution

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki also said that he hoped Saudi Arabia will not fall under US pressure and normalize relations with Israel before the end of the occupation 

Trump’s worst crimes are overlooked in latest arrest and arraignment

The former US president committed many crimes before and during his time in office. But he is being arraigned for crossing the US national security apparatus

Julian Assange Julian Assange prepares for last-ditch legal appeal after UK High Court dismisses plea against extradition

As the Wikileaks founder is brought “dangerously close” to being extradited to the US, Assange and his family will attempt a last-ditch effort with a renewed appeal to the UK High Court

Cuban official condemns Wall Street Journal’s claim about Chinese base as “unfounded”

The US-based media outlet published an “exclusive” report alleging that Cuba and China had reached a “secret” agreement to build a spying base on the island

UNRWA workers strike UN relief workers go on strike in Gaza over pay and working conditions

Workers of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) have been staging regular protests, including strike action, over the last year demanding including better wages, permanent contracts, and additional recruitment

15 million in the US to be kicked off of public health benefits

Millions are to lose Medicaid/CHIP benefits in the coming months as pre-pandemic income eligibility restrictions have returned

Former US President Trump incited a right-wing insurrection. But that’s not why he’s being indicted

A Manhattan grand jury has indicted Trump in connection to hush money that he allegedly paid to cover up an affair. This does not even scratch the surface of his many crimes

US troops US House of Representatives votes to defeat resolution demanding troop withdrawal from Syria  

The US has built an illegal base and deployed nearly 900 soldiers in Syria, who have allegedly helped prolong the war in the country and facilitated the loot of its natural resources