Donald Trump
After an embarrassing presidential debate, people in the US seek a third option

The disastrous televised debate between presidential hopefuls Biden and Trump has many seeking a alternative to the two-party system

US Supreme Court grants immunity to former presidents for official actions in controversial Trump ruling

Ultra-conservative Court once again pushes a wildly unpopular decision with major implications nationwide

Two candidates, one war against migrants

Both Biden and Trump continue to uphold sanctions driving mass migration, while punishing migrants at the border

US judge sentences ex-president of Honduras to 45 years in prison

Former US ally Juan Orlando Hernández was sentenced to 45 years in prison. A Manhattan court convicted him for the crime of exporting more than 400 tons of cocaine to the United States and possession of “destructive devices”

China, Russia and Iran call on the West to restore nuclear deal

The US unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and immediately imposed stringent sanctions on Iran, making all possibilities of JCPOA revival difficult

Iran warns it will be forced to change its nuclear doctrine if existence is threatened

Israel has repeatedly targeted Iran’s nuclear facilities accusing it of making bomb despite the supreme leader of the Islamic republic ruling such option out by calling it un-Islamic

Europa: sonámbula ante sus dilemas

En medio de un apoyo cada vez menor a la guerra en Ucrania, los líderes de toda Europa se encuentran en una encrucijada difícil.

Baltimore bridge collapse: how exploitation caved in on itself and led to worker deaths

As the Coast Guard ends its search for six missing construction workers, the US laments over preventable deaths

Europe sleepwalks through its own dilemmas

Amid waning support for the war in Ukraine, leaders across Europe have found themselves at a difficult crossroads

Biden y Trump, confirmados para enfrentarse en las elecciones de Estados Unidos en noviembre

Tras varias rondas de primarias presidenciales, los dos viejos políticos se han hecho con las candidaturas presidenciales de sus partidos.

Biden and Trump confirmed to face off in US elections in November

Following several rounds of Presidential primaries, the two aging politicians have clinched the presidential nominations for their parties

El 7 de octubre cambió la ecuación para los Estados del Golfo

Arabia Saudí que estaba a punto de avanzar en la normalización, ahora se ha visto obligada a dar un paso atrás al dispararse el apoyo a la causa palestina y el rechazo a Israel