Drug trafficking
Capitalism and drug trafficking in Ecuador. Why the war on the poor will never solve the problem

Ecuadorian researchers Andrés Tapia Arias and Andrés Madrid Tamayo address some of the root causes to the wave of drug trafficking-related violence and why the government’s response is still missing the mark

Increased violence in Ecuador could lead to a wave of refugees in the region

International Relations professor Fernando Brancoli says neighboring countries are already preparing to receive Ecuadorians

Ecuador in crisis: five points to understand a country broken by neoliberalism

Some clues to unravel how in a few years Ecuador went from being a peaceful country to becoming a territory governed by organized crime.

Crisis in Ecuador following spurt of violence and rumors of a government deal with gangs

The announcement of a peace agreement among criminal gangs came days after a prison riot at the Litoral Penitentiary in Guayaquil claimed the lives of 31 inmates, and the murder of the mayor of the city of Manta, which forced the Lasso government to declare two states of emergency in two days

New wave of violence in Ecuador’s prisons leaves 19 inmates dead in four days

According to official data, 442 prisoners have been killed in different massacres in prisons since January 2021

Ecuadorian president’s alleged associate found murdered following corruption allegations

Businessman Rubén Chérres was assassinated days after the Constitutional Court of Ecuador approved the request by opposition legislators to impeach conservative President Guillermo Lasso

Conviction of former Mexican security chief for taking bribes from drug cartels is “just the tip of the iceberg”

The guilty verdict against Genaro García Luna has raised questions about the involvement of former presidents Felipe Calderón and Vicente Fox in the crimes

Ecuadorian President threatens media outlet that revealed alleged corruption within his administration

A local outlet published details of a report from the Anti-Narcotics Police of Ecuador, revealing alleged links between the Lasso government and mafia, drug trafficking and corruption

Ecuadorian social movements, left parties reject President Lasso’s “national agreement”

Following Lasso’s call for a “national agreement,” social organizations and progressive political parties rejected dialogue, criticizing Lasso’s neoliberal policies

Progressive comeback in Ecuador’s local elections

Ecuadorians rejected all eight measures in the recent referendum, which was promoted by conservatives, while the leftist Citizen Revolution Movement made significant gains

Prison riots in Ecuador Ecuador registers three prison massacres in three days

According to official data, 392 prisoners have been killed in nine prison massacres in Ecuador since January 2021

Ecuador prison deaths Latest prison riot in Ecuador leaves 13 prisoners dead and two injured

Ecuador’s prison system has been going through a severe crisis since 2021. According to official data, since February 2021, over 400 prisoners have been killed in seven prison massacres