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South African parliament votes to close Israeli embassy

The South African National Assembly voted to close down the Israeli embassy until a ceasefire is declared and Israel commits to binding UN-facilitated negotiations. Addressing the BRICS Summit on Tuesday, President Ramaphosa said Israel’s actions in Gaza were “tantamount to genocide”

Los sudafricanos aumentan la presión sobre el gobierno para que rompa sus lazos con el “apartheid israelí”

Mientras Sudáfrica demanda una investigación de la CPI sobre los crímenes de guerra israelíes, voces de todo el país exigen que se tomen medidas, incluida la ruptura de lazos con Israel.

South Africans increase pressure on government to sever ties with “Apartheid Israel”

While South Africa has demanded an ICC probe into Israeli war crimes, voices from across the country are demanding action, including breaking of ties

South African elections: ANC hangs on to power despite poorest performance since 94

While the biggest opposition party, the centrist DA also suffered a modest loss, the populist EFF improved its vote share by over 4%

Crackdown on students in South Africa leaves one dead

Protests began on Monday after Witwatersrand University failed to fulfill its promise to let students with a particular amount of debt to seek admission and accommodation. Protests also broke out in many parts of the country over financial aid programs for students