Electoral fraud
Las elecciones de Venezuela en el punto de mira del nuevo plan estadounidense para el cambio de régimen

Mientras Venezuela se prepara para acudir a las urnas en julio, los Estados Unidos ya han empezado a sembrar sospechas y dudas en torno al proceso electoral.

Venezuela’s election in the crosshairs of new US regime change scheme

As Venezuela prepares to head to the polls in July, the US has already started drumming up suspicion and doubt around the electoral process.

Anger grows over “constitutional coup” in Senegal after deferral of presidential election

On February 3, President Macky Sall announced an indefinite suspension of the presidential election set for February 25. On February 5, after opposition deputies were forcibly removed by security forces from the parliament, the chamber voted to push the polls to December 15.

Chief financiers remain at large following the January 6 insurrection on the US Capitol

Those who faced harsh consequences for storming the Capitol were not the ones that bankrolled the events of January 6

President-elect of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo, warns that “coup d’état” is underway

The Prosecutor’s Office called for the past elections to be annulled due to alleged administrative irregularities of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal

Bernardo Arévalo Guatemala Guatemalan president-elect Bernardo Arévalo suspends government transition

The announcement came after the State Attorney General’s Office raided electoral facilities and opened ballot boxes of the June elections in which Arévalo had pulled ahead of the candidates acceptable to the establishment and advanced to the August run-off

Guatemala’s electoral tribunal ratifies June election results minutes after prosecutor’s office suspends the second-place party

The contradictory announcements intensified weeks of uncertainty over the possibility of a run-off vote between Sandra Torres and Bernardo Arévalo

2023 general elections in Guatemala Threats to free and fair elections intensify in Guatemala

During the past weeks, three presidential candidates have been barred from running for office. All of them have raised concerns about the possibility of electoral fraud in the June elections

Fear and misinformation dominate discourses of Brazilian right

In the lead-up to the general elections in Brazil, the far-right has intensified its campaign of hysteria and fear-mongering instead of providing concrete solutions to the crises affecting the people

Why hasn’t Pedro Castillo been declared the winner of Peru’s presidential elections yet?

Pedro Castillo of the left-wing Free Peru party won the second round of presidential elections but his opponent has refused to concede and the National Jury of Elections (JNE) has not yet proclaimed him as winner.

Andrés Arauz and the progressive bloc are a threat to Ecuador’s right wing

David Adler of the Progressive International who was observing the Ecuadorian elections discusses the recent fraud accusations as well as the right-wing’s dirty campaign against Andrés Arauz

Buoyed by right-wing groups, Trump continues to rule an alternate universe

The so-called Million Maga March saw a participation of thousands of Trump supporters echoing his claim of electoral fraud in the November 3 presidential election