Fake news
Far-right former deputy opens fire and throws grenade at police officers serving arrest warrant

Video shows Bolsonaro supporter Roberto Jefferson monitoring police officers by security camera and confirming he shot at them

The recipe for misinformation in the 2022 Brazilian elections

In this election year, far-right groups are prominent on Telegram, where they disseminate false information on electoral fraud

London Tube workers strike, New Zealand health strike scuttled and other stories

Today we look at the London Tube workers’ strike, state pressure against a major health workers’ strike in New Zealand and more

Why Big Tech’s monopoly power needs to be urgently checked

While Facebook has been profiting off hate speech on its platforms, Google has been exploiting content creators for advertising revenue.

FB whistleblower confirms how social network benefitted from fake news, bots and misinformation

Sophie Zhang, former data scientist at Facebook, reveals how she fought to remove bot accounts and sophisticated networks that targeted users in different countries to manipulate elections, and spread misinformation.

Copyright law reform in Europe likely to strengthen monopoly of internet giants

The controversial proposal that was rejected in July was passed with amendments despite them not addressing many of the serious criticisms laid out by experts