Fossil fuel lobby
Will COP28’s legacy be loophole-ridden promises and lack of concrete funding?

D. Raghunandan of the Delhi Science Forum explains the main takeaways from the COP28 summit that recently concluded in Dubai. He analyzes the details of the declaration’s commitment to transition away from fossil fuels and talks about the follow-up to the Global Stocktake

Activists expect multiple obstacles during health discussions at COP28

While health is on the agenda at the COP28 summit in the UAE, activists fear significant progress on climate and health will not be achieved due to a number of factors such as the presence of lobbyists from the fossil fuel sector

COP27 Fossil fuel lobby COP 27: Weighty presence of fossil fuel lobbyists raises alarm

Environmental activists and researchers feel that fossil fuel lobbyists being granted access to policymaking processes poses the threat of slowing down climate action