Freedom of press
UK High Court grants Julian Assange opportunity to appeal extradition

Julian Assange was granted another opportunity to appeal his extradition to the US after the UK High Court found US assurances of a fair trial inadequate

Bukele reelected in El Salvador amid a state of exception

The polarizing figure Nayib Bukele won the presidential elections with 85% of the votes, a historic margin of victory over the opposing candidates

Egyptian journalist held for over a day following expose

Egyptian journalist Karim Assaad was detained for over a day after his site revealed the names of Egyptians who were on board a plane which carried cash and weapons to Zambia

Jordan cybercrime law Jordanian cybercrime law ratified by king, threatens freedom of speech

The bill introduces a new set of prohibitions and restrictions on speech and posts made on social media and elsewhere on the internet that the government deems to be a danger to national unity

Shireen Abu Akleh Rights groups urge US Congress to order investigation into Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing

The well-known Palestinian journalist was killed by Israeli soldiers while covering a violent raid by occupation forces in the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank last year

Palestinian journalist Lama Ghosheh Palestinian journalist Lama Ghosheh sentenced to community service by Israeli court

Ghosheh has already spent 10 months in house arrest with a ban on her social media use. She is accused of causing incitement to violence and “identification with a terrorist group” for her social media posts and writings

Merdan Yanardağ Turkish journalist Merdan Yanardağ arrested for criticizing government’s treatment of Abdullah Ocalan

Merdan Yanardağ, a prominent Turkish television journalist, was arrested after he criticized Turkish authorities for not allowing Ocalan to meet his family members and his lawyer

Egypt journalists on terror list Egypt adds 82 individuals, including several journalists, to new terror ‘watchlist’

The Egyptian government headed by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has presided over a systematic campaign of repression and persecution of its critics 

BBC raid India Rights organizations raise deep concern over Indian tax authorities’ ‘survey’ operation on BBC

The ‘survey’ operation conducted by the Income Tax Department was condemned by opposition parties, rights bodies and journalists’ organizations. It comes barely a month after the BBC aired a controversial two-part documentary on the Gujarat riots of 2002

Law on espionage - Sweden Communists in Sweden slam new espionage law as “detrimental to whistle blowers and press freedom”

The new espionage law that came into effect on January 1 penalizes investigative journalism and whistle-blowing that may damage Sweden’s relationship with another state or an international organization such as NATO, European Union, or United Nations

Slovenian Left pushes law to ensure editorial autonomy of national public broadcaster

A law to ensure journalistic independence and editorial autonomy of national public broadcaster RTV Slovenia has been passed in the National Assembly. However, its governing executives, who were appointed by the previous government, have approached the Constitutional Court for a review

Latuff: “Defending Assange is defending the freedom of expression”

The cartoonist Carlos Latuff produced a series of illustrations in support of Julian Assange as well as many others depicting some of the key revelations of his organization Wikileaks