French Communist Party (PCF)
“Death does not dazzle the eyes of the Partisans”

On the 80th anniversary of the execution of Armenia-born French resistance fighter Missak Manouchian by the Nazi forces in 1944, the French government bestowed national honor on him by interring his remains and his wife Mélinée in the Panthéon in Paris

French farmers step up their siege of Paris, protesting low income and high costs

Farmers’ unions have called for a protest at the EU summit in Brussels on February 1, denouncing free trade agreements and the EU-instigated policies hampering their domestic markets

Macron makes the far right’s anti-immigrant program his own

The legislators from the conservative and the far-right parties voted for Emmanuel Macron’s bill calling to impose tougher regulations on immigrants to obtain French citizenship and other social benefits. Working class movements and anti-racism groups have called for a joint protest against the implementation of the bill.

How could theater not be political? Left theater troupe in France fights eviction

Saint Denis city government allotted the La Belle Étoile theater, base of Compagnie Jolie Môme since 2004, to a different group in November, over apprehensions of the group’s politics

Fete de l’Humanite recharges the French left in the fight against Macron and the extreme right

The 88th edition of the Fête de l’Humanité recorded the participation of around 430,000 people from September 15 to 17

French Constitutional Council denies second request for a referendum on controversial pension reforms

Protests continue across France demanding the scrapping of the pension reforms law forcefully enacted by the Emmanuel Macron-led government. The reform increases the retirement age in the county from 62 to 64

7-04 French Protests Protests against pension reform rage across France

Talks between the government and trade unionists on Wednesday failed after the government refused to roll back the controversial reforms that will increase the retirement age in France

29-03 French Protests Pension reform or Revolution! Crisis for the French Fifth Republic?

The controversial pension reforms, which will increase the retirement age in the country from 62 to 64, are detested by the French working class and have led to widespread protests

Resistance to pension reform in France intensifies

Trade unions and left groups in France have escalated protests against the unpopular pension reforms which were passed recently by the government

French government bypasses parliamentary vote and passes unpopular pension reform

Left-wing opposition parties and trade unions have slammed the reform as anti-worker and illegitimate and called to continue protests

7-03 French Protests Protesting pension reforms, French working class shuts down the country

The controversial pension reform bill calling for an increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64 is currently being discussed in the French Senate but was passed over to the Senate before it could be voted on because of disagreements about raising the retirement age

French Protests Not an inch back: French workers fight back against Macron’s neo-liberal pension reform

On February 17, France’s controversial pension reform bill will likely undergo crucial debates and voting in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament