G N Saibaba
Tras una década en prisión, el académico indio G.N. Saibaba es absuelto por segunda vez

G.N. Saibaba, un antiguo profesor de la Universidad de Delhi, fue detenido en 2014 y posteriormente condenado mediante la legislación antiterrorista india por presuntos vínculos con el proscrito Partido Comunista de la India (Maoísta)

After a decade in prison, Indian academic G.N. Saibaba acquitted for a second time

G.N. Saibaba, a former professor at Delhi University, was arrested in 2014 and subsequently convicted under India’s anti-terror legislation over alleged ties to the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Indian political prisoners, Varavara Rao and G.N. Saibaba face grave health risks

79-year-old Varavara Rao has contracted COVID-19 and G.N. Saibaba, who is 90% disabled, is in a prison where a large number of cases have been reported.

Hyderabad teachers meeting Teachers detained in India for holding meeting demanding release of activists

The teachers were holding a meeting demanding the release of nine activists arrested last year on charges of association with the Communist Party of India (Maoist)

G N Saibaba Indian political prisoner GN Saibaba denied bail again despite deteriorating health condition

Saibaba, a tireless fighter for the rights of Indigenous communities, has been in jail since March 2017 on charges of association with the banned Communist Party of India (Maoist)