Gaza blockade
US slammed for providing Israel with ‘license to kill’ Palestinians in Gaza

Three UN agencies warned that over half a million Palestinians face famine by May if Israel continues to prevent humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza and if a ceasefire is not in place

Israel is clear on its genocidal aim, but will the ICC act?

For two months, Israel has openly proclaimed its intentions to “erase”, “flatten”, and “burn” Gaza, but ICC’s top prosecutor is yet to issue warrants for the perpetrators

The Indonesian Hospital in Gaza bears proof of the friendship between Indonesian and Palestinian people

Amid Israeli attacks and fuel shortages, the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza stands as an example of international solidarity

Health system in Gaza collapsing as fuel and medicine run out

The number of hospitals in Gaza shutting down operations is increasing, as Israeli attacks and limits on aid stop fuel, medicines, and supplies from reaching health workers

Israeli bombings and blockade is destroying healthcare in Gaza

Until urgent interventions are made thousands of Palestinians face a slow and painful death in the absence of basic medical care and repeated attacks on health workers by Israeli occupation

Israel refuses ceasefire, carries out most intensive bombings of Gaza yet

People across the world mobilized to support the Palestinian cause and to denounce their government’s support to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Palestinian protester killed Israeli forces kill one Palestinian protester and injure several others near Gaza border

The protest was organized to oppose Israeli atrocities in the occupied territories, the mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners, and the 17-year long blockade of Gaza

Gazan fishermen harassed by Israel Gazan fishermen in dire straits amid attacks from Israeli forces and border closing

Gaza has been under a comprehensive land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel since 2006, which has destroyed its economy and forced its over 2.3 million people to live in miserable conditions

Israeli assault on Gaza enters fourth day with 31 Palestinians killed in bombing

Israel’s indiscriminate airstrikes have primarily struck residential and civilian areas in Gaza, one of the most densely populated areas in the world

Egypt’s repressive regime is enabled by US and allies

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News explains how Egypt acts as a US proxy in the region and how the backing of western powers and Israel enables its government to continue repressive policies domestically

Gaza blockade: How many more people have to die?

Rania Khalek of BreakThrough News talks about the 15-year-long blockade of Gaza by Israel and Egypt and the role of the international community in continuing this brutal siege

Daily Round-up| Impact of Gaza blockade and more stories

In this episode, we bring you stories from Palestine, , the deal between the EU, Egypt and Israel on natural gas, protests against red-tagging in the Philippines and the release of an Indigenous leader from Ecuador