Harvard University
Harvard student organizer speaks out about Claudine Gay resignation

Peoples Dispatch spoke to Prince Williams, an undergraduate organiser at Harvard about the censorship and attacks that pro-Palestine activists have faced from the right-wing as well as the Harvard administration.

The student movement for Palestine under attack in the US

The December 5 hearing of three elite university presidents slandered the Palestine solidarity movement on college campuses

US Senate condemns the student movement for Palestine

Republican Senator Josh Hawley successfully pushed a resolution through the Senate, denouncing pro-Palestine student organizing

Harvard students stand strong for Palestine despite intimidation

Several Harvard students who signed onto a statement supporting Palestinian struggle have been persecuted by Zionists

Bolivian government rejects far-right destabilization attempts and other stories

Today we look at right-wing protests in Bolivia and the repeal of Law 1386, a leaked report on police violence during Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests, and more

Student workers strike US Columbia University student workers begin second largest strike in the US

The strike by over 3,000 Columbia graduate student workers is taking place amid a wave of similar actions at some of the richest universities in the United States which have failed to give workers their due

Vaccine maker BioNTech to build mRNA facilities in Rwanda and Senegal and other stories

Today we look at a deal between BioNTech and Rwanda to set up an mRNA plant, continued protests against the military coup in Sudan, and more