Health in Palestine
Healthcare in the West Bank under siege as Gaza nears starvation

Half of Gaza’s population may face starvation within a month, while healthcare in the West Bank is becoming increasingly inaccessible due to obstructions by Israeli forces

WHA77 sees heated debate over Gaza health amid ongoing attacks

Discussions about health in Palestine intensify at the World Health Assembly as Israel’s attacks on Gaza continue

Pandemic Treaty faces uncertain future as World Health Assembly begins

The 77th World Health Assembly has begun amid delays in pandemic response negotiations and ongoing assaults on healthcare in Palestine

The pharmaceutical landscape in occupied Palestine

Israeli pharmaceutical companies have long been complicit in attacks on the health of the people in Palestine

Editoriales de izquierda del mundo piden la liberación del preso palestino Walid Daqqah

La campaña internacional para exigir que Israel libere al escritor y activista palestino se ha intensificado ante el deterioro de su salud.

Left publishers from across the globe call for release of Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqah

The international campaign to call on Israel to release the Palestinian writer and activist has intensified in response to his declining health

What to expect at the 76th World Health Assembly

As delegates gather in Geneva for the 76th World Health Assembly, health activists remain vigilant about topics still missing from the WHO’s agenda

Global South in solidarity with Palestine at World Health Assembly

Delegates from the Global South expressed solidarity with Palestine during a discussion on a report on the health status in occupied Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan