Health inequities
Millions of women in the US are being left without essential healthcare

As maternity care deserts in the US expand, millions of women in rural areas of the US have been left without access to basic maternity care, including labor wards

75 years of NHS UK The NHS at 75 years: A sharp turn needed to fight health inequities

75 years after its establishment, the NHS continues to enjoy strong support among health workers and patients, but struggles under the burden of divestment and prioritization of the private sector

Scotland PHA report Social movements in Scotland come together to build unity in the struggle for health equity

The recently concluded People’s Health Assembly in Scotland brought together 20 organizations working on problems related to health inequities with the aim of furthering unity and fostering change

PHM Scotland Scotland’s People’s Health Assembly will address impact of inequity and alternatives

The People’s Health Movement Scotland is getting ready to discuss the effects of health inequities at a local People’s Health Assembly in Glasgow. It aims to strengthen the public health movement by providing resources for those campaigning for improved health in Scotland, including evidence, networks, and best practice

Should WHO’s Executive Board be discussing a more ambitious agenda?

The World Health Organization’s Executive Board`s agenda fails to incorporate global health governance discussions. Nicoletta Dentico and Lauren Paremoer clarify what’s missing at the EB table.

National Health Insurance South Africa South Africa’s National Health Insurance bill must prioritize public interest, say activists

Ongoing debates about the introduction of a National Health Insurance in South Africa should move away from opening the doors to the private sector, and prioritize communities and people’s health

Civil society organizations criticize World Bank Group for privatization of healthcare

A coalition of organizations fighting for public healthcare services called out the World Bank Group for focusing on investments in private healthcare during the Civil Society Policy Forum