Health workers
Trade union report illustrates mental health impacts of working in public healthcare

The Public Services International (PSI) recently launched a new report examining the mental health of health workers in Liberia, Brazil, Sweden, Australia, and Canada

Anganwadi workers in Andhra Pradesh declare victory after 42-day strike

Terming the strike as a “grand victory,” the All India Federation of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers said in a statement that it “proved the strength of the working people”

Europe struggles with health workers shortage but fails to address demands for decent salaries

Worries surrounding the health workforce shortage in Europe continues to grow, yet plans largely fail to include pay rises for workers in the sector

The ‘brain drain’ is a symptom of how capitalism has failed the healthcare sector

Every year, thousands of healthcare workers leave South Africa, in order to chase better opportunities, as wealthier countries exploit desperate working conditions faced by them. This brain drain is a direct result of neoliberal policies, especially austerity

WHO moves warehouse in Gaza as Israel’s attacks on healthcare continue

Israeli Occupying Forces sent an evacuation order to a WHO warehouse in southern Gaza, as public health situation in Palestine grows worse

Risks of infectious diseases, malnutrition soar as Israel resumes attacks on Gaza Strip

Health agencies warned against growing danger of diseases outbreak and rising malnutrition in the Gaza Strip ahead of resumed attacks on Gaza

Israeli attacks on health workers in Palestine continue

By targeting healthcare in the Gaza Strip, Israeli occupation forces continue their decades-long aggression against the right to health of Palestinians

Health workers in Québec strike for better working conditions

Health workers in Québec join wave of public sector industrial action in bid to secure better working conditions, personal life-work balanc

Health workers rally in NYC in solidarity with Palestine

Healthcare workers speak out against the slaughter of Palestinian health workers and and bombing of hospitals by Israel

75,000 US health workers strike for fair pay and benefits

75,000 Kaiser Permanente health workers walked off the job Wednesday to fight short staffing

Biggest health worker strike in US history to begin tomorrow

75,000 healthcare workers across nonprofit Kaiser Permanente facilities will walk off the job tomorrow in an ongoing fight for safer staffing levels

Combating precariousness in Brazil’s Unified Health System

Valuing health workers in Brazilian public health means strengthening the health system. Social movements are rallying behind the agenda of a guaranteed career path in the Unified Health System (SUS), demanding that the government does the same