Illegal settlers
Palestinian minor killed Israeli forces and illegal settlers killed four Palestinians in 24 hours in occupied West Bank

Israeli forces have already killed more Palestinians in the occupied West Bank this year than the total figure last year, which was declared the deadliest for Palestinians in the region since 2005 by the UN

Palestinian youth killed Nablus raid One Palestinian youth killed, four others wounded in Israeli occupation’s raid on Nablus 

Palestinians were resisting Israeli occupation forces who stormed the area to provide security cover to illegal settlers invading the locality. Since the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967, extremist right-wing settlers have tried to claim exclusive access to Joseph’s Shrine, which has been visited by people of all faiths for ages

Israel cuts water supply to West Bank Palestinians denounce Israeli company’s decision to reduce West Bank’s water supply

Palestinians already receive three times less amount of water compared to Israelis, and seven times less than the illegal Israeli settlers living in the occupied West Bank

Israeli forces kill Palestinian Ahmed Abu Jneid Israeli forces kill three Palestinians in under 24 hours in occupied West Bank 

Israeli forces also arrested nearly three dozen Palestinians in early morning raids on Wednesday and Thursday across the occupied West Bank

Israel’s ruling coalition decides to dissolve parliament, call for fresh elections 

The dissolution of the Knesset will lead to automatic extension of the controversial settlers’ law for next six months. The government had failed to get approval for its extension earlier this month