Indian railways
India’s worst train accident in 20 Years: Privileging vanity over safety

The government’s bizarre conspiracy theories to explain the Balasore tragedy strengthen the recipe, brewed over the years, for such accidents to occur

As India recovers from rail accident, questions arise abut staffing, safety measures

The horrific train accident in India, which led to the deaths of 275 people, has raised a number of questions about structural issues in the Indian Railways. These include the lack of adequate recruitment, and long working hours

Horrific crash that killed 275 people exposes structural issues in Indian Railways

As investigations continue into the railway accident in Balasore in the Indian State of Odisha, the failure to address staffing and safety has been widely condemned. Over 300,000 posts remain vacant in the Indian Railways

Migrants deaths in Shramik trains India 80 migrant workers die on special trains heading back to their home States in India

The Indian railway ministry has claimed that in most cases pre-existing medical ailments have led to the deaths of the migrant workers. However, numerous reports have pointed to the severe shortage of food and water aboard the government-run special trains

Indian railways privatisation Modi and India’s privatization train wreck

With the first private train being flagged off on a high density route in India, all of Indian railways could gradually face a similar fate.

IREF against privatisation Left unions to fight privatization of Indian Railways collectively

N N Banerjee of the Indian Railways Employees Federation (IREF) talks about the struggles ahead for the railway unions in India.

“Privatising Railway Production Units Is Against Nation’s Interest”

The Modi government 2.0 is speeding up the process of privatising the Indian Railways with its ‘100 days action plan’.

Protest against Indian Railways privatization move AICCTY IREF Railway workers’ union protest against Indian government’s privatization move

The Narendra Modi led far-right wing government in India has recently announced it’s “100 days Action Plan” to bring in private players in Indian railways