Indigenous movements
Indigenous movements in Colombia declare a state of emergency over assassinations

After the attack on the Indigenous Guardia on August 10, organizations are demanding that the government of Iván Duque take steps to stop the genocide of Colombia’s Indigenous people

Indigenous leader Sergio Rojas assassinated in Costa Rica

Sergio Rojas was fighting for the recovery of indigenous ancestral lands across Costa Rica

Adivasi March Delhi Thousands of adivasis marched in India, to safeguard forest-dwelling rights

Thousands of adivasis from across India marched in New Delhi to demand an overhaul of the order to evict people from forest lands, by the Supreme Court, that could displace nearly 2 million people

The guardia guarantees protection of Indigenous people, peasants and Black people in Colombia

The last article in the series by Brasil de Fato journalist Vivian Fernandes writes about the guardias in Colombia that defend life, territory, autonomy and peace

EleNao Brazil Indigenous groups in Brazil rise in opposition against Jair Bolsonaro

A number of indigenous candidates from various political groups from the Amazon region called for the creation of an Indigenous Parliamentary Front

Another indigenous leader assassinated in Oaxaca, Mexico

Abraham Hernández González was kidnapped by unknown individuals who were wearing military uniforms

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