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Kazakh leader International campaign seeks release of Kazakh trade union leader Erlan Baltabay

In mid-October, Erlan Baltabay was sentenced to five months and eight days in prison for refusing to pay a fine. He also faces a seven-year term for his involvement in the banned Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan

Fatal accidents are a regular occurrence in shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh

In the past 10 days alone two workers were killed and 5 injured in two different accidents. Activists say lack of government regulation and negligence by employers are the major reasons

Labor organizations protest persecution of Kazakh trade union leader Labor organizations protest persecution of Kazakh trade union leader

Erlan Baltabay faces an eight-year jail term on charges of misappropriation of funds although he has time and again argued that he was only in possession of the money since the dissolution of his union in 2015

Algerian workers set to go on three-day strike to force immediate resignation of Bouteflika

The strike will also demand the constitution of a transitional government which includes opposition members. Massive demonstrations began a few weeks ago after president Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced he would contest another term

Societes Mines de Belahauro (SMB) Workers in Burkina Faso demand compensation for loss of mining jobs

Over 1,000 employees lost their jobs when the Inata Mine was shut down in 2017. The Ghana-based Balaji Group, which took over the company in 2018, has not opened the mine and has not provided workers compensation for the period either

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