Heavy rains in southern Brazil are likely to make food prices soar

The state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s largest rice producer, is severely devastated by recent floods

Argentine trade unions warn that 60,000 state workers may lose their employment

The Association of State Workers denounced that the government may seek to reduce over 60,000 temporary contracts across the country. It would be the second wave of major layoffs since Milei took power.

How did the Filipino working class fare in 2023?

Wage deflation and jobs gap continue to plague workers and the poor, who are caught between shrinking amount of products and the shrinking value of wages

Thousands take to the streets in Argentina in the first mobilization against Milei’s government

Despite threats from Javier Milei’s government, the mobilization was carried out to reject the harsh austerity plans

Sergio Massa pulls ahead in first-round presidential election in Argentina, will face Javier Milei in runoff

Union for the Homeland candidate Sergio Massa overtakes far-right libertarian Javier Milei in the first round of presidential election in Argentina

Argentina’s presidential frontrunner Milei denies number of disappeared from dictatorship

Human rights organizations in the country unanimously estimate the number of disappeared at 30,000, which Milei classified as “a twisted view of history”

Ghana witnesses fresh protests against rising cost of living

People took to the streets of Accra for a three-day action under the slogan #OccupyJulorbiHouse to protest the rising cost of living and worsening economic conditions. Ghana is facing a severe debt crisis and has entered into its 17th loan program with the IMF, raising fears of further austerity measures 

Left Democratic Front (LDF) Pakistan United left in Pakistan brings back people’s issues to national politics

The Left Democratic Front (LDF) formed by 10 progressive parties in Pakistan has been pushing a popular agenda to demand that major political parties shift their priorities and address the bread and butter issues of the people

8-08 Rent freeze -Austria Tenants and left in Austria demand rent freeze to tackle housing crisis

In the backdrop of soaring inflation and a rent crisis, the Communist Party of Austria (KPO) has launched a petition demanding a freeze on rents until 2029

10-08 Minimum wage - Germany German trade unions slam inadequate raise in minimum wage

The Minimum Wage Commission has agreed to a meager hike in the hourly minimum wage against calls by trade unions for a raise at par with inflation

Oxfam report windfall corporate profits Big companies earned over USD 1 trillion of profit in 2022, says joint Oxfam and Action Aid study

The study recommends that governments impose a windfall tax on these excessive profits and use the money raised to carry out social security programs to tackle a range of issues including the cost of living crisis, poverty, hunger, and climate change

Sri Lanka food insecurity (2) One-third of school students in Sri Lanka go without an adequate breakfast

Sri Lanka has been grappling with an acute economic crisis since last year. This has aggravated the problem of food insecurity in the country