Israeli airstrikes in Syria
Regional resistance continue its support to the Palestinian people as Israeli war completes six months

The forces part of the regional Axis of Resistance continue to launch attacks on Israel and its allies despite retaliatory attacks

Israel carries out several attacks inside Lebanon and Syria killing civilians

An Israeli attack on an emergency response center in Lebanon killed seven people. Another set of strikes on Syria killed several soldiers and an Iranian military adviser

Israel launches airstrikes against Syria

Blinken has failed to achieve most of the stated goals of his repeated visits to the region since October 7 including getting commitment from Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel

Israel bombs Syrian airports, increasing the possibility of a spillover of ongoing violence

Since Palestinian resistance groups launched the Al-Aqsa flood, Israel has not only bombarded Gaza, but has carried out provocative acts of violence against neighboring countries, threatening to expand the conflict

Israeli airstrikes in Syria At least four killed and four injured in another Israeli missile attack in Syria 

The UN Security Council has so far failed to take any action on Syria’s repeated complaints about Israeli violations of its sovereignty which is endangering regional peace

Israeli airstrikes after Amman statement on Syria Israeli airstrikes in Syria kill one, injure seven others 

The latest Israeli aggression targeted the Aleppo international airport. The airstrikes took place a day after a joint statement calling for peace and stability in Syria was issued by Arab countries after they met in the Jordanian capital Amman

Israeli airstrikes in Syria Fourth Israeli airstrike inside Syria in less than a week kills two civilians

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has recently stated that the repeated Israeli airstrikes inside its territory were coordinated with extremist forces in the country that are fighting the government 

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Israel attack in Aleppo airport Israel bombs Syria yet again, injuring two soldiers

This is the second such strike on Syria in the past week. Israeli airstrikes on the Aleppo airport in recent weeks have caused delays in relief delivery to earthquake-affected regions in Syria

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Israel attack in Aleppo airport Israeli airstrikes target Aleppo airport, making aid delivery in Syria more difficult

The airstrike is expected to affect aid delivery to areas affected by the devastating earthquake on February 6, in which 6,000 were killed in Syria and thousands more injured and displaced 

Occupation, sanctions, Israeli and Turkish aggression intensify the suffering of the Syrian people

Syria has suggested that “cross border humanitarian aid” to rebel-held areas is discriminatory and a violation of sovereignty, and is demanding that all foreign aid to the country should flow through the government