Israeli airstrikes
European trade unions intensify actions of solidarity with Palestine

Port workers’ unions in Italy, Greece, and Turkey have announced their decision to boycott the loading and unloading of arms destined for Israel’s criminal war in Gaza.

Israel wages war against Gaza’s remaining hospitals

The Al-Shifa hospital ran out of fuel due to the ongoing siege by Israeli forces. Occupation snipers and drones have been positioned all around the hospital complex, opening fire at any sign of movement.

The people shut it down for Palestine

On November 9, thousands of people disrupted business as usual in solidarity with Palestine. Peoples Dispatch brings you a report on this day of action

Leila Khaled: “Where there is repression, there is resistance”

Lifelong Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled on the Palestinian liberation struggle, her history in the movement and the inevitability of resistance.

The US once again refuses to seek peace for Palestine

Both Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin make it clear that the US is ready to escalate an already genocidal war

US vetoes UNSC resolution for Gaza, again

The US was the only one to veto a second proposal, against 12 members of the UNSC who voted in favor, claiming that it did not address Israel’s “right of self-defense”

Israel bombs Syrian airports, increasing the possibility of a spillover of ongoing violence

Since Palestinian resistance groups launched the Al-Aqsa flood, Israel has not only bombarded Gaza, but has carried out provocative acts of violence against neighboring countries, threatening to expand the conflict

Israeli aggression in Syria At least four soldiers killed in Syria in deadliest Israeli airstrikes this year

Thursday’s strike was the ninth violation of Syrian airspace by Israel this year. Israel has carried out hundreds of such unprovoked strikes since the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011

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Today we look at the threat of expulsion facing over 70,000 Maasai people in Tanzania, the killing of 3 Syrian soldiers in an Israeli airstrike, and more

Police repress workers’ protest for living wages in Port au Prince and other stories

Today we look at protests by textile workers in Port au Prince, Wet’suwet’en activists’ report to the UN on rights violations by Canada, and more

Israeli attacks in Syria One soldier killed and five others injured in twin airstrikes by Israel inside Syria  

Israel has carried out hundreds of unprovoked air strikes inside Syria since the war in the country began in 2011. For most of these attacks, Israel has illegally used Lebanese airspace in complete disregard of international laws and the UN charter

Israeli forces attack Palestinians during far-right Flag March and other stories

Today we look at the far-right Flag March held in Jerusalem, the release of NSA whistleblower Reality Winner from prison, and more