Khan Younis
Israel kills 11 more in fresh attacks on Palestinian aid-seekers

Aid groups and UN missions continue to struggle to deliver essential food, medical, and fuel supplies, despite the Israeli attacks on aid trucks and aid-seekers

Death toll in Gaza near 31,000 as Israeli war enters 153rd day

Ceasefire talks in Cairo breaks down as the Hamas delegation left Egypt in response to continued stalling by Israel

Gaza death toll cross 30,500 as Israeli war completes 150 days

The number of wounded has also risen to close to 72,000, as Israeli forces continue to target aid trucks and aid-seeking Palestinians civilians

Israeli forces escalate siege on Nasser hospital, several patients killed

After more than three weeks of intense bombardment of the hospital, Israeli forces have stormed the hospital as the war on Gaza reaches 134th day

All eyes are on Rafah as international pressure continues to grow on Israel

Appeals calling on Israel to refrain from invading the southern city of Rafah seem to be falling on deaf years as airstrikes and ground bombardment continue to intensify, with the death toll in Gaza now nearing 28,500

ICJ to respond to South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

South Africa has asked the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) to issue emergency measures, including ordering Israel to stop all military operations in Gaza, where it has killed over 25,000 Palestinians in an ongoing genocide.

Hundreds of thousands in Gaza at risk of starvation and disease

As the war enters its 109th day, the death toll in Gaza stands at nearly 25,500 Palestinians killed, along with close to 63,500 injured

ICJ begins genocide hearing against Israel, as bombing of Gaza continues

The UN has also raised alarm over the lack of aid deliveries to Gaza, warning that blocking aid and medical supplies could force the remaining three operational hospitals to close

Israeli war on Gaza continues for 76th consecutive day, death toll over 20,000

Israeli forces reportedly leveled a cemetery and executed 11-12 unarmed men after separating them from their families, shocking international community

Israel continues bombardment of Gaza as UNSC delays ceasefire vote

The death toll in Gaza is likely to breach the 20,000 mark, with more than 53,000 wounded as Israeli airstrikes and ground shelling continue to strike all parts of Gaza with little regard to civilian casualties

After two months of genocidal war and more than 19,000 dead, Israel attempts to normalize the unspeakable

Over 52,000 Palestinians have been injured in the Israeli bombardment and ground attacks, as Israeli forces target densely populated areas

Israel bombs Gaza for the second time this week

Israeli forces have both bombed Gaza and escalated attacks on Palestinians in the occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The raids have led to widespread anger among Palestinians as they are taking place during the holy month of Ramadan