Kakhovka dam breach is a perfect crime

The breach in the Nova Kakhovka dam is a catastrophe of colossal proportions. However, identifying who is responsible is made difficult by the fact that both Ukraine and Russia can be deemed as “winners” or “losers” after the incident

Russia-Ukraine war Ukraine: Stalemate in an attritional war?

What neocons in the US are yet to grasp is that they failed to subjugate Russia despite the humiliations poured on its national honor, history and enviously rich culture. Why would Russia normalize with states that appropriated its sovereign wealth and imposed such draconian sanctions to bleed and weaken its economy

West’s militaristic agenda has hijacked G20

Independent journalist Siddharthya Roy and NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talk about the questions that are being raised about the relevance of G20 ahead of its summit in Bali

Russia-Ukraine war Biden nods to compromise in Ukraine

Biden has spoken twice about “compromise” by Kiev, which is a major shift from the US stance that Russian forces should get out of Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war Ukraine’s revenge on the West

Three main power centers within the Eurozone (Germany, France and Italy) and Britain are entering a period of deep crisis. Their capacity or level of interest to fight Russia in Ukraine is getting severely limited

Mapping Faultlines: Will referenda and mobilization change direction of Ukraine war?

In this episode, NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the referenda held in territories taken over by Russia in the recent war. He also addresses the impact of the Russian mobilization.

Russia-Ukraine war Why Ukraine referendum is a big deal

The potential accession of Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye creates a new political reality and Russia’s partial mobilization on a parallel track is intended to provide the military underpinning for it

Russian regrouping in Kharkov will speed up Battle of Donbass

Make no mistake, the battle for Donbass still remains the number one priority for the Russian special military operation

Moment of truth in Ukraine war

By the sixth day of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the echo chamber in the West has fallen silent. There are no tall claims. Zelensky must be a worried man as he needs to convince the US that such massive multi-billion dollar military aid has been justified

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Ukraine war of attrition at inflection point

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed to materialize, while a massive Russian knockout blow to the tottering Ukrainian military also seems improbable

Caspian summit Ukraine’s ‘Great Game’ surfaces in Transcaucasia

A ‘Great Game’ is afoot in the Caucasus and Central Asia with Russia gaining an advantage due to recent developments in the Ukraine war. The Western powers have belatedly entered the scene too