La France Insoumise (LFI)
French public sector employees protest cuts in state spending

On top of the cuts already made in the 2024 budget, the French government also decreed a USD 10.85 billion cut in state spending for 2024.

French farmers step up their siege of Paris, protesting low income and high costs

Farmers’ unions have called for a protest at the EU summit in Brussels on February 1, denouncing free trade agreements and the EU-instigated policies hampering their domestic markets

French parliament considers constitutionalization of right to abortion

Parliamentarians in France begin discussing a motion to enshrine the right to abortion into the constitution, offering stronger protections of women’s health rights

How could theater not be political? Left theater troupe in France fights eviction

Saint Denis city government allotted the La Belle Étoile theater, base of Compagnie Jolie Môme since 2004, to a different group in November, over apprehensions of the group’s politics

Thousands march in Paris demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

As over 30,000 people marched in Paris calling for peace, Palestinians responded to French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the West Bank with protests and condemnation

Protests erupt in France following police shooting of teenager

Police initially claimed that Nael M, a Parisian teenager, had threatened to run officers over with his car, until a video proved that police had executed him at point-blank range

21-06 No Tav Protests - Italy - France Protesters opposing Turin-Lyon high-speed rail project attacked by French police

Activists from France and Italy organized a two-day demonstration opposing the Turin Lyon high-speed railway line, the Treno ad Alta Velocità (TAV). The protests against the project have been going on for three decades

21-03 French Protests Protests rage across France as government narrowly survives no-confidence vote

The French government had a narrow escape on Monday as the no-confidence motion filed by the opposition fell short of just nine votes in the National Assembly. Trade unions and leftist parties are gearing up for more protests against the unpopular pension reforms

French Budget 2023 Neo-liberal Macron government in France pushes 2023 budget without parliamentary vote 

The austerity-ridden budget was approved without a vote on after the government involved a controversial provision of the constitution. Earlier, left-wing MPs had passed several amendments to the government’s proposals

As public hospitals crumble, French health workers call for immediate action

Health workers and those in associated sectors held a national day of action demanding pay hikes, more staff, improved and safe working conditions, job security, and sufficient funds and resources for hospitals

France’s New Ecologic and Social People’s Union presents a radical vision in parliamentary election

Zoe Alexandra of Peoples Dispatch speaks to Florence Roger, candidate of the New Ecologic and Social People’s Union. The coalition of left and progressive parties has made major strides ahead of French parliamentary elections scheduled for June 12

As France’s vaccine pass proposal passes in National Assembly, left decries technocratic logic

On Thursday, the French National Assembly passed a bill calling for making vaccine passes mandatory with 214 votes in favor, 93 against and 27 abstentions. The Senate will vote on the bill early next week