Labor movement
Waffle House workers win major raise after months of campaigning

Waffle House workers are celebrating the announcement as a victory as a result of struggle and vow to continue fighting for 25 dollars per hour

University of California workers on strike for the right to protest for Palestine

The President of UAW 4811, Rafael Jaime, speaks about the ongoing strike of University of California student workers

One of the largest unions in the United States just called for a ceasefire in Gaza

The Service Employees International Union, which boasts two million members, joined a growing section of the US labor movement in calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

Largest health workers union in United States calls for ceasefire

Support for a ceasefire is growing among the US labor movement as 1199 SEIU joins the global movement

US union leaders call on labor to join movement for a ceasefire

At a Washington, DC press conference labeled “Unions for ceasefire now,” union leaders joined Congressmembers in calling on labor to take action

UAW workers call on their union endorse BDS

After the United Auto Workers broke the silence on Palestine by calling for a ceasefire last week, rank and file members are organizing for deeper solidarity

UAW continues to fiercely “stand up” despite company attacks

The three largest automakers in the US will stop at nothing to pit workers against each other

“Big Three” Auto workers vote to strike by 97%

Over 144,000 workers are set to strike on September 14 if negotiations with their employers, the car manufacturers General Motors, Stellantis, and Ford, fail. The union has already employed the tactic of practice pickets at auto plants in Detroit, Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky

Organizers to converge in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss “What will a new society run by workers look like?”

Despite human rights violations, precarious conditions, wage stagnation, and more, the people of the US continue to dream of a better future

UAW workers strike vote The United Auto Workers are redefining what is possible for US labor

With radical demands such as a 32-hour workweek, the UAW contract campaign is bringing “class warfare” back to labor negotiations. Workers are set to vote this week on authorizing a potential strike

UPS Teamsters vote yes on historic contract

UPS workers vote yes on the contract negotiated in July by an overwhelming majority, enshrining major victories

If UPS does not concede to their demands, 350,000 workers are all set to strike come August

After several days of voting, Teamsters at the logistics company authorized a strike by an overwhelming 97% majority