Labor rights
Mohammad Yunus conviction called a “travesty of justice” in Bangladesh

The social entrepreneur Mohammad Yunus was sentenced to six months along with three of his colleagues from Grameen Telecom, attracting widespread condemnation

South Korean lawmakers pass landmark labor bill, amid rising trade union mobilizations

The “yellow envelope bill” is an outcome of years of labor mobilizations demanding reforms of existing labor laws, in the aftermath of workers suppression in the SsangYong Motors strike of 2009

Community health workers in South Asia forge joint struggle for rights and recognition

Frontline health workers have issued a joint document calling on governments and international agencies to recognize and uphold their essential rights

Bill protecting workers against union-busting advances in US Congress

The legislation, celebrated by labor leaders, organizers, and workers, would protect the right to organize a union. Practices such as captive audience meetings that are meant to dissuade workers from forming unions will be banned under this proposed law

Silvio Berlusconi, herald of Italy’s far-right

Italy’s former prime minister died on June 12. His decades-long career was marked by financial scandals, the platforming of the far-right, and neoliberal anti-worker policies

NUMSA South Africa May Day On May Day, NUMSA calls for a national economic agenda for the working class 

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa has called for ending neoliberal policies and is pushing for greater state intervention in the economy, the nationalization of key sectors, and an expansionary budget to alleviate the economic crisis in the country

May Day WANA Left parties and trade unions in West Asia and North Africa mark May Day

Trade union movements and left parties in West Asia and North Africa vowed to end capitalist exploitation and achieve the dream of a dignified life for all working class people

Uruguayan workers stage strike against pension reform

The reform raises the retirement age, eliminates early retirement benefits, and reduces pensions for widows and people with disabilities. This is the third big strike in six months

Blinkit app-delivery workers in India strike against increasing exploitation

Blinkit, a quick grocery delivery app in India, has slashed the pay of its delivery partners to as little as around USD 0.18 (Rs. 15) per delivery. Delivery partners in different parts of capital city New Delhi and across other Indian cities have gone on strike.

Estados Unidos tiene una crisis de trabajo infantil. Los legisladores la quieren empeorar.

El estado de Iowa acaba de aprobar uno de los proyectos de ley a favor del trabajo infantil más extremos de los últimos tiempos, que deja a los empresarios libres de responsabilidad si un niño trabajador muere cumpliendo sus labores

Blinkit workers protest India Delivery workers at Indian grocery delivery platform ‘Blinkit’ go on strike against pay revision

Delivery partners of the quick-delivery company are demanding that a new pay structure, which will reportedly substantially reduce their current incomes, be immediately rescinded

MKSS famers workers rally India Indian workers and farmers unite against Modi government’s ‘Corporate-Sectarian Nexus’

On April 5, 100,000 workers, farmers, and agricultural workers held a unity rally in Delhi in rejection of the pro-corporate, anti-poor policies and sectarian politics of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party