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Hollywood workers are fighting to save creativity in entertainment

Top studios are determined to wait out the strike by starving out entertainment workers, while workers fight to be stewards of their own creative process

UAW workers strike vote The United Auto Workers are redefining what is possible for US labor

With radical demands such as a 32-hour workweek, the UAW contract campaign is bringing “class warfare” back to labor negotiations. Workers are set to vote this week on authorizing a potential strike

Los Angeles bosses feel the pressure with four unions on strike

Four simultaneous strikes strikes hit the city of Los Angeles yesterday when city workers walked off the job

Teamsters win historic tentative agreement with UPS

UPS Teamsters mobilized a 340,000-strong workforce to elevate the living standards of the entire United States working class

The greed of entertainment executives could reap a double strike

97.91% of Hollywood actors authorized a potential strike weeks after the Writer’s Guild of America entered their own strike following failed negotiations with studio giants

Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform is a health hazard

Workers from all sectors in France held a day of mobilizations against President Macron’s proposal of a pension reform on January 19. Health collectives are joining the initiative

US rail workers’ union rejects deal, renewing corporate fear of a nationwide strike

Rail workers voted to reject a new agreement between union and employer which they allege does not change the poor working conditions, especially lack of sick days and exhausting schedules

Rail workers’ struggle shows the power of the organized working class

If rail workers went on strike, freight rail across the country would be paralyzed. The working class holds enormous power when it is organized and willing to fight.

Solidarity is the road to liberation

At an International Workers Action meeting, the NUMSA general secretary emphasized the importance of unity in fighting against capital’s oppressive systems.